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10th Annual Business Symposia

Theme - Redefining Globalisation

Team IISAC organised Symposia Rethink'22 on October 1st, 2022 on the theme of Redefining Globalisation. The Event was conducted under the guidance of Mr Ajay Sharma, Dean MBA- IB, Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Organisation and Professor Dr Niti Bhasin, Course Coordinatinator, MBA - IB, Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics.

The Occasion was graced by Hon'ble Chief Guest Mr Rajeev Kher, IAS Retd. (Former Commerce Secretary, Government of India). He highlighted the importance and challenges of Globalisation and International Trade. The Guest of Honour Mr Sanjay Chadha (Former Additional Secretary, Ministry of Commerce Government of India) showed us the journey of how globalisation evolved and also talked about the Potential Opportunities and Challenges for India in Future.

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Panel-1 Global Supply Chain: Disruption and Reorientation

Disruption can come in many forms, such as economic downturns, natural disasters, and pandemics, and it can have a significant impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of supply chains. In order to navigate these challenges and maintain the flow of goods and services, businesses must be able to adapt and reorient their supply chains as needed.

In discussing this topic, panellists explored the various sources of disruption that businesses face and the ways in which they can anticipate and prepare for them. They also considered the role of technology, innovation, and collaboration in enabling businesses to adapt and reorient their supply chains in response to disruption. Additionally, they also discussed the importance of building resilience and redundancy in supply chains in order to minimize the impact of disruption and ensure the continued flow of goods and services. Overall, the goal of this discussion was to provide insights and strategies for managing global supply chains effectively in the face of disruption and reorienting them as needed to meet changing circumstances.

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Panel-2 - Digital Transformation and
the New Normal

The "new normal" refers to the altered business landscape that has emerged as a result of the pandemic, and digital transformation refers to the process of using technology to adapt to and thrive in this new environment.

In discussing this topic, panellists explored the ways in which businesses and organizations are using technology to adapt to the new normal and continue to operate effectively. This could include the use of digital tools and platforms to facilitate remote work and collaboration, the adoption of new technologies to streamline processes and improve efficiency, and the use of data and analytics to inform decision-making. They also considered the challenges and opportunities that businesses and organizations face in pursuing digital transformation and the strategies and approaches that can help them to succeed. Overall, the goal of this discussion was to provide insights and guidance for those working to drive digital transformation and thrive in the new normal.

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