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MBA-IB at DoC, DSE is the country's one of the best self-management course, we all work together in harmony to keep it as rigorous as possible. We aim to make our institution a hub for learning and gaining corporate like experience. Our student body is the medium through which our members learn by working, we promote teamwork and spirit of progressing by walking the path with our peers.

Our Student Body is one of the oldest and through time it has evolved but we have always safeguarded our basic values - Co-ordination, Co-Learning, Communication. We work with the DoC to ensure that the management and body of the students get easy and simple solutions to their problems.

We the office bearers are elected to ensure the organisation and promotion of various events, proper functioning of different committees and cells, the effective and efficient use of the body's funds and most importantly to preserve our IB culture and values.

We welcome you all to our one big IB family…

We are the "face", the "brand ambassadors" of DSE MBA(IB). The PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE is responsible for creating a market image for MBA(IB) and communicating the benefits of this specially crafted program which makes students a cut out for the international business domain. We, the coolest committee of all, are engaged in fun activities along with some serious brainstorming for taking our college to newer heights.

The Corporate Relations Team is responsible for all Corporate Relations & Placement related activities on campus. We are the brand evangelists for MBA(IB). We believe in transparency, diligence, and altruism.

Aditya_Seth - Aditya seth.jpeg

Students today are the alumni tomorrow. Team Alumni works to keep this legacy of 34 year old institution alive and interactive. We act as a bridge between students and the alumni not just for growth and individual development but to also facilitate skill development and industrial grooming. With our signature and recently unveiled Mentor Mentee process students are learning from the mentors from the industry.

We are one of the oldest committees and work in unison with HR Team Convention for organising formal events. Over the past year we've worked on numerous things that have required us to step up at each level. We have interacted and been mentored by leaders from the industry and have been pushed beyond what we thought our capabilities were. In the end has brought us all closer as a team and forged a strong bond between us.

Team IISAC a committee that engages and connects students to the people who are at acme in the industry and help students in developing skills that make them industry ready. We know how important it is to learn and enjoy these two years and thus IISAC organizes fun and enthralling activities for the students to cherish for their whole life.


Discipline brings stability and structure into institutional conduct. It promotes harmony and peace  for a better society and makes it a more enjoyable place for everyone to live. We at discipline committee work relentlessly to make sure this prestigious institution a better place where everyone can live with dignity and holds its principles and decorum of this institute. Our members are committed to helping our new upcoming batch to work with coordination and mutual respect for each other efforts.

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We at International business Cell strive to be competitive and highly globalised. We accept challenges and overcome them, we sum up all aspects of business i.e. marketing, finance, operations and other fields to understand the functioning in International markets.

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Finance in simpler term is management of money. India, inspite of having literacy rate of 74 percent (Census 2011), have only 24 percent financial literacy which is below world average of 33 percent (S&P Survey). Finance Cell, one of the oldest cell in MBA-IB, helps you in gaining knowledge about the various concepts related to finance and thereby passing on the same to your fellow batch mates. Thus, paving a way for a peer to peer learning.

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Marcom was established with the objective to educate students and enhance their understanding of the marketing concepts. We bring together some of the brightest minds, interested in exploring the ever- changing dynamics of marketing. The students can bring out their creativity and originality with the help of case studies, quizzes, and presentation.


DSE teaches the way to make the maximum use of the resources available. The environment at DSE encourages people for holistic and 'peer to peer' learning. We at ConStrat, are proud to facilitate our peers for such learnings.

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“Academics and skill development: these are the two elements of the course. RavenBrain ensures that the students are able to enhance the two elements. We provide platforms to the students to sharpen themselves for their long journey to success.”

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Our Sports Cell is established with the objectives to inspire students for physical and mental exercises for their fitness, enhancing the sportsman ship attitude and learning of management principles viz. leadership, team work, problem solving etc. through participation in sports. It makes us more disciplined, patient, punctual, and courteous in life. It teaches us to go ahead in life by removing all the weaknesses.



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