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Erudition – The Annual Business Convention of the MBA Course at the department provides a common platform for educationists, industrialists, entrepreneurs, financial gurus, and students to share practical knowledge and give their insights on the current scenario of business globally. The future of the country, the capacity and capability of her people and their international competitiveness, hinges on their educational foundation; the Annual Convention seeks to strengthen this very foundation by exposing students to industry leaders and their schools of thought.

Owning to the meaning of the term ‘Erudite’ “having or showing knowledge that is gained by studying”, Erudition at its helm, offers its participants an opportunity to come together and cherish learning.

Till now, the college has hosted 24 successful conventions.

It is a 2-day event focused on a different theme every year with one day devoted to IB and another to HR. Each day witnesses 3-panel discussions wherein the panel of esteemed speakers discuss the chosen subtopic. The first day also witnesses an inaugural session with the address from the Head of the Department, Course-Coordinators and the esteemed Chief Guest and Guest of Honour.

Erudition_band (1).png


The Inflection Point :  Embracing the Change &                Fostering Transformation

Erudition 2022

Erudition 2022 was organized on 14th and 15th of October 2022 at NDMC Convention Center, Sansad Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi. The event’s theme was The Inflection point: Embracing the Change & Fostering Transformation.

The inflection point: embracing the change and fostering transformation refers to the idea that organizations and individuals must be open to and prepared for change, and be proactive in driving positive transformation. An inflection point is a significant turning point or shift. It can be a challenging time for organizations as they adjust to new circumstances and try to navigate uncertain waters. However, it can also be an opportunity to embrace change and drive transformation, leading to growth and success.

In order to foster transformation, organizations and individuals must be willing to embrace new ideas and approaches and be open to exploring new possibilities. This may involve taking risks, stepping outside of comfort zones, and being willing to learn and adapt. It may also involve fostering a culture that is open to change and encourages innovation and continuous improvement. By embracing change and fostering transformation, organizations and individuals can position themselves for success in an ever-changing world.

The event had three-panel discussions among several prominent leaders from various fields who shared their thoughts and ideas and highlighted the issues being faced by the organizations during the current times. 

Panel 1: Change: Gaining the Edge in 

Context of International Business


Change: gaining the edge in the context of international business is especially important in the current climate, where businesses face a range of challenges and opportunities that can change rapidly. In order to gain an edge and succeed in the global market, businesses must be able to respond to these changes and adapt their strategies and approaches accordingly.

Panelists explored the ways in which businesses can gain an edge in the face of change. This could include strategies for anticipating and responding to changes in the market, building flexibility into business models, and adopting new technologies and approaches that enable businesses to stay ahead of the curve.


They also considered the role of leadership and organizational culture in driving change and helping businesses to adapt and succeed in a rapidly changing global environment. Overall, the goal of this discussion was to identify the key factors that contribute to a business's ability to adapt and respond to change and to provide insights and strategies for gaining the edge in the international business context.


Sandeep Puri- VP- ASK Automotive Pvt. Ltd.

 (10) Sandeep Puri | LinkedIn)


Ramesh Chandra- Deputy General Manager at PNB

(10) Ramesh Chandra | LinkedIn)


Dr. S P Sharma- Chief Economist and DSG- PHDCCI

(10) Dr. S P Sharma | LinkedIn)

Kamal Chhabra- Founder & CEO- KC GlobEd 

(10) Kamal Chhabra | LinkedIn )


Raj Kamal Sharma-International Business Consultant 


Panel 1

Panel 2: Career: World of Opportunities and

Finding Your Stepping Stone

In order to find your stepping stone, you may need to explore different options, gain new skills and experiences, and be open to new opportunities as they arise.In discussing this topic, panellists explored the wide range of career opportunities that are available and the ways in which individuals can discover and pursue their passions and interests. They also considered the role of networking, mentorship, and education in helping individuals to find their footing and build successful careers.

Additionally, they also discussed strategies for staying motivated and engaged, and for navigating the challenges and setbacks that are inevitable in any career journey. Overall, the goal of the discussion was to provide guidance and inspiration to those seeking to find their place in the world of work and build fulfilling and successful careers.


Pritiman Sarkar- Senior Vice President at SBI Card 

(9) Pritiman Sarkar | LinkedIn)

Piyush Singh -Chief HR Officer at Tata Digital

 (9) Piyush Singh | LinkedIn)

Rahul Yadav - IRTS at Government of India

(9) Rahul Yadav | LinkedIn)

Biren Parekh- Director- CRISIL Limited 

(9) Biren Parekh | LinkedIn)

Manish Rastogi - Head-Capability & Talent (RAD)- Vodafone Idea Ltd.

(9) Manish Rastogi | LinkedIn )

Neeloy Roy - Head Sales and Partnerships India at Medix Global

(9) Neeloy R. | LinkedIn)

Panel 2

Panel 3: Resilient India: Rising To Dominate the Century


Resilient India: rising to dominate the century refers to the idea that India has the potential to become a dominant global player in the 21st century, despite facing a range of challenges and setbacks. In order to achieve this, India must be resilient and able to adapt and respond to changing circumstances.

In discussing this topic, panellists explored the strengths and capabilities that give India an advantage in the global arena, and the ways in which the country can build on these to achieve greater success and influence. They also considered the challenges and obstacles that India faces and the strategies and approaches that can help the country to overcome them. Additionally, they also discussed the role of leadership, innovation, and collaboration in enabling India to rise to dominate the century. Overall, the goal of the discussion was to provide insights and inspiration for those working to help India reach its full potential and achieve success on the global stage.


Deepak Choudhary - CEO- Audi Delhi West

(9) Deepak Choudhary | LinkedIn)


Dr.Raajiv Singhal - MD & CEO - Marengo Asia Healthcare 

(9) Dr Raajiv Singhal | LinkedIn)

Vikas Dua - Head of HR - IPG DXTRA

(9) Vikas Dua | LinkedIn)

T Kabilan - Director - Niti Aayog - North East States, GOI

(9) T Kabilan I.D.A.S | LinkedIn)


Naveen Juneja - Regional PF Commissioner- Employees PF Organisation, GOI

(9) NAVEEN JUNEJA | LinkedIn)

Panel 3
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