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Every organization, be it an MNC or an educational institute, has a strong need to convey their idea and message to the public. Be it a product, company, or vision, being known to the masses is the need of the hour. Especially for the B-Schools in India, growing at an unprecedented rate, the benefits of being well known to the outside world are indispensable. A B-school with a great brand naturally attracts better opportunities for its students. To address these needs, the Public Relations Committee of MBA-IB, Delhi School of Economics, came into existence.

Our entire work revolves around enhancing the Department of Commerce's brand visibility and connecting the department to the outside world. The steps in the process are varied, but the objective stays constant.

To achieve a more significant brand image, Public Relations Committee handles coverage of all the college events, social media content, and outreach, and coordinates with all the committees. Public Relations Committee puts on its working caps for covering the most significant events of the department – Erudition, Symposia, and Synergy.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Public Relations Committee organizes debate competition, rolls out magazines and newsletters, connects with alumni, and projects the campus life on to its social media pages.

The work responsibilities intensify further during specific periods like Placements and Admission. We take up the responsibility of admission query handling on various forums, designing Admission brochures, and induction of the junior batches. We work closely with the Placement committee to attract better corporate engagements.

This is what makes the Public Relations Committee of MBA-IB unique. We coordinate with almost all the sections and committees and work towards one unified goal. While all the cells and committees put their best in their respective work, we make their efforts known to everyone. We facilitate their design and media coverage needs. One recent initiative by Public Relations Committee involves inviting articles from cells and committees for the prestige newsletter of MBA-IB. It has further inculcated a sense of unity among the student bodies. It is always a great learning experience to work with other teams of MBA-IB.

The work of Public Relations Committee get much more nuanced than what appears on the outside. There is no room for slacking and taking things easy. Proactive efforts and constant evolution form the way ahead for us. Designing, Idea Generation, Content Writing, Web Development, Photography, and Creativity are the skills required in Public Relations Committee's day-to-day work. Through the work and effective team spirit of our members, we have been on the receiving end of praises and laurels from the students, faculty, and B-Schools all over India. Selecting the right candidates through a rigorous selection process ensures that our good performance continues. Each member becomes a cornerstone of the team. In a nutshell, we are a team of Power Rangers that comes together to form a Megazord specializing in branding and public relations.

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