“A nation’s strength ultimately consists in what it can do on its own, and not in what it can borrow from others”
  - Indira Gandhi

When everything was in lockdown, it was quiet difficult for us to organise Panel Discussion, which can’t be ignored as it is organised with the aim to get an insight into the thought processes of the corporates and policymakers. So, we planned organising a virtual Panel Discussion-The Corporate Ecclesia’20. This initiative was the first of its kind being organised in the view of ongoing pandemic. The Corporate Ecclesia’20 was organized by Team IISAC of MBA-IB, Delhi School of Economics on 4th October 2020. The guests of the event were:



VP-Corporate Affairs,

Kerry Indev Logistics



Marketing Head,

Billion-dollar IT firm



Head, Production

planning & Logistics,

EXIM, Ex. Jaquar 




Hitachi Systems MC



Senior VP,

Mahindra Finance

The topic of the discussion was ‘Future of India on the way to SELF RELIANCE’.

Ms Niti Bhasin, a Student Coordinator of Delhi School of Economics, started off by introducing the panelists and also gave a brief introduction on the topic of discussion. She talked about Vocal for Local Campaign and challenges in front of the Indian Export System.

After introductions, the panelists were asked to put forward their views regarding Self Reliant India

Mr Rajan Bhandari starting with his rich professional journey talked about how corona has given us the opportunity to use our innovation and creativity to make India self-reliant. He also spoke about the vast population and strong culture of India, which can be used as a big business opportunity. 

Mr Malladi Dinakar stated about the consumption market, Export system, and explained how we are facing a deficit in domestic manufacturing. He also gave his valuable insights into different sectors like Defence, railways, and Pharma.

Mr Balaji also talked about how important it is to increase the base for manufacturing. He emphasized about the positive aspects of the pandemic.

Mr Manoj explained how coordination with other countries could become important for the growth of the Nation and cleared us for not confusing between “Atamnirbharta” and “Make In India”

Thereafter, the discussion was very well concluded by Mr Naveen Gupta, who gave his point of view also along with highlights of the whole discussion.

Then, Panelists happily answered the questions and doubts posed by the students towards the end of the session. We thank the honourable Panelists for making our event a success. We will again come with such events in future.

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