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"You can't sell anything if you can't tell anything"

-Beth Comstock


Marcom is the marketing cell of MBA-IB. Its aim is to provide

  1. hands-on experience and acquisition of marketing acumen by case studies, quizzes and guest lectures

  2. Opportunity to explore the potential in the field of marketing beyond the classroom

  3. a platform to ideate and unleash creativity

Our belief is that practical learning or learning by doing is all that an MBA is about rather than bookish knowledge.


MarCom organises a number of events around the year. Students from B-schools around the country including IIMs and IITs participate in them. The major events are listed below- 


It is open for all case study competitions which sees national participation. Students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from various streams come together to compete and club their innovative ideas to solve the various rounds. 

This is a MarCom initiative where students from Delhi School of Economics choose and represent their depiction of a brand creatively. The most innovative picture wins the award. 


It is an inter-college case study competition for IBians where the batches both seniors and juniors compete with each other to achieve the best marketeer award!


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