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We learn, work and teach to how to become financially independent to the batch and make finance enthusiasts ready for the corporate world.

We are a team of students that have a passion to learn about finance and the team aim to promote financial education in the batch by organising student events and promoting peer to peer learning of financial concepts in the batch.

Finance Cell is a platform where the people who are interested in the finance domain and express themselves through various activities that the cell engaged in. As far as the cell is concerned it provides a good way to increase your acumen in the field of finance and interact with those who are interested in it. The daily and weekly dossiers provided through emails help the entire batch of MBA IB to get updated about financial news and information. Even to those who have little information about finance, the cell provide avenues to gather knowledge and information about the same.

We conduct various case studies, projects and competitions in different aspects of finance like stock market, fundamental analysis, company portfolio etc.


Finshaastra is an event which invites articles on finance or economic topics from all finance enthusiasts to share their own views.

  • Finshastra is an annual article writing competition organizes by Finance cell.

  • Organized on D2C (dare to compete) platform.

  • It’s an inter B-School competitions where students from various colleges participate.

  • The best articles are published in UDAY- Annual Magazine of Delhi School of Economics.

  • The top two winners win prize money and certificate.


FinMantra is an initiative of Finance cell for the batch to keep them updated about major events in economy or in world of finance. It is shared with the batch every month. We try to explain the event in simplest way so that a non- finance background person can also easily understand. It provides a platform for aspiring finance managers to integrate their classroom learning experiences with the pressing issues in finance world.


FinBytes are shared on daily basis on various social media handles of Finance cell. It majorly focuses on finance jargons, developments in Fintech world, investment strategies of top investors of the world, New IPO’s analysis etc.

The aim of FinBytes is to make finance enthusiasts ready for corporate world and make them understand finer nuances of business finance in interesting way.


It’s an online competition organized for both IB&HR seniors and juniors. It was planned with aim to give an opportunity to gain knowledge and have hands on experience of stock trading. Participants had to make a team of 1-2 members (preferably one) and they were provided with a virtual wallet of 10L, which they have to invest in the stock market and trade in the given time period. After given time period of 7 trading days to make investment we evaluated the investment of the participants and winner were chosen on basis of RoI.

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