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  1. Which list’s serial number should I use?

    A. Admissions list number

   2. Where is the serial number?

    A. Its given on the right  side of your name in admission list

   3. Should I use category wise serial number?

    A. Yes

   4. Do I need to send my caste certificate in a mail?

    A. Yes

   5. What should I do if my certificate’s validity is over?

    A. Upload it and get a new one issued for later process.

   6. Where to mail?

    A. To the same id from which you received the mail.

   7. What to write if I have my marks in C.G.P.A?

    A. Mention the full marks and obtained marks as they are in your                           marksheet and use the appropriate method of your university convert             them into percentage.

   8. Do I need to count the marks of every subject?

    A. Yes you need to count the marks of every subject.

   9. What is my D.U enrollment number?

    A. Its only for the students who have graduated from D.U. and it will be                  given on the marksheet. Others can write N/A.

   10. What if I don’t have a required document?

    A. Mail the department your concern and ask for time to get the required            certificate issued

   11. Do I need to upload mark sheet of all semesters?

    A. No only upload mark sheet that has over all score or that of the latest              semester.

  12. Is 10th mark sheet same as 10th  certificate?

    A. Yes

  13. Is 12th mark sheet same as 12th certificate?

    A. No

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